For my spring semester American Studies senior project seminar, I wanted to take a topic that I hadn't covered in American Studies and apply a similar level of critical thinking and cultural analysis. If you're on this page, you've probably already read my Artist's Statement, but my seminar advisor wisely thought it would help to understand some of the technical decisions in this piece. My goal was to make the familiar strange, and to spark a discussion and understanding of social media that goes way beyond a good/bad binary. The two most apparent factors are the black and white and the lack of noise aside from phone sounds. From these two things, I hope to "suck you out of the moment" a bit and focus on details that are usually familiar, embedded, and ignored. In other moments, I wanted to have a day speak for a collective attitude: hopefully moments like the three breakfasts show how different but structurally similar our passive and active experiences with social media can be.

"Routine," by Andrew Goble: